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One Man Deployment Sustainment Kit JACH Low Visabilty Infiltration Kit
One Man Deployment Sustainment Kit - Call Today to Build Your Kit!
Custom Built to Meet Your Exact Requirements.

The Deployment Sustainment Kit contains all the necessary items to not just live but thrive in some of the harshest environments. This kit is composed of several purpose specific sub kits which can be added or removed as environmental and living factors require. Each kit can be customized to meet the needs of the AO and the user.

DLA/TLS and GSA Purchasable!

JACH Kit - Just Another Common Hiker Kit

The JACH kit contains the necessary low visibility packs in assorted brands and assorted colors allowing a traditional ODA or team to blend with the local population. These packs address the needs a team that needs to blend in as opposed to stand out. Each pack is selected for its function, design, and color patterns to assure that no two team members look alike.

Each JACH kit can be equipped with a smaller single day mission pack that follow the traditional pattern and intent of the JACH kit. Within the JACH kit additional pouches and selected items can be included specifically to meet the mission.

NOTE: Packs show in photo may differ from packs shipped. All packs are high quality and selected based on color and availability at the time of your order. The photo is only a representation of the quality of product and type.