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Pre-Mission Pump Pre-Mission Pump

Some days you need that extra push of motivation to hit training hard, we all get that. Pre-Mission Pump (PMP) was designed for just such occasions. We have all had a long day on the range, on mission or in the field and then feel tired when that alarm goes off the following morning, but we know that we train not only for ourselves but for our brothers to our left and right. So it is important to be at your max performance, focus and ability when it comes time to hit the weights. Take a scoop of PMP 30 minutes pre-work out and get training.

Every day matters, your team is counting on you.

For max performance and recovery use PMP with After Action Recovery (AAR).

Flavor: Blue Raspberry
390g per bottle
30 servings per bottle
13g per serving
– 300mg Caffeine
– 5g BCAA (Leucine, Valine. & Isoleucine)
– 2g Beta-alanine
– 5g Creatine
– 300mg Green tea extract.

A portion of each order is donated to Green Beret Foundation.

Product weight: 2lbs

Our Price: $32.00
After Action Recovery AAR After Action Recovery AAR

After Action recovery is a Whey Isolate protein that was designed specifically for the warrior elite. A collection of research conducted on SOF soldiers during the Global War on Terror was used to design the composition of the macro-nutrients of this recovery drink. Thanks to our 2:1 (Carbohydrate:Protein) ratio you will be able to replenish your tanks after a long strenuous training session so that you are able to recover and prepare to hit it just as hard the following day. No more supplementing your whey protein with additional carbohydrate mixes or high carbohydrate foods. We give you the macro-nutrient breakdown that you need to recover.

Train hard, earn your spot every day.

30 servings per bottle
82g per serving
– 21g Whey Protein
– 50g Carbohydrates (Dextrose)
– 11g Fat.

Flavor: Cocoa

A portion of each order is donated to the Green Beret Foundation http://www.greenberetfoundation.org

Why do we use Dextrose? Check out this article
for why it is important to take carbohydrates after you train and why dextrose is beneficial to help you meet those needs.

Our Price: $40.00