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VTAC PS Attachment Sling VTAC Bungee Sling VTAC Bow Sling
VTAC PS Attachment Sling
Our Price: $20.95
VTAC Bungee Sling
Our Price: $40.95
VTAC Bow Sling
Our Price: $43.95
Designed by US Spec Ops Soldier, Paul S. for stow during vehicle operations. Originally designed by a United States Special Operations soldier (Paul S.) to allow for immediate reaction to enemy contact from within a vehicle or helicopter where the weapon would be hidden from view. The Viking Tactics, Inc. Light Weight Bungee Sling (VTAC-BGS) gives the operator a lightweight alternative to the standard sling. With the addition of shoulder bungee material, the VTAC Bungee Sling allows the shooter to maintain an extremely tight sling while still being able to get in and out of shooting positions. Bow hunts test the hunter's willpower, spirit, strength and endurance. Hunters may trudge dozens of miles through rugged terrain in search of that perfect Bull Elk. Such expeditions require gear prepared to endure the long journey, and ideally, to maximize comfort and increase functionality. The new Viking Tactics, Inc. Bow Sling was designed to accomplish just such a feat.
VTAC Hunting Sling VTAC Sniper Sling with Cuff
VTAC Hunting Sling
Our Price: $44.95
The new Viking Tactics Hunting Sling in RealTree AP HD® is made for the hunter who must trek long miles, carrying his weapon through woods, desert, or whatever terrain his hunt may bring him. Padded for extra comfort and modified from the standard VTAC-MK2, this two point sling is easily adjustable and adaptable. While the sling padding features RealTree camouflage, the sling fabric comes in two color options: green, for wooded terrain, and coyote tan, for desert terrain. PRODUCT INFORMATION:
If your mission requires you to move long distances in austere conditions with a heavy sniper systems and still be ready to engage a threat when you arrive at your target, from any position, then the Viking Tactics Sniper Sling is up to the task.